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Classification And Description Of Kids Toy

Squeeze toys, teething device, child bed practice toys, child bed fitness toys, child bed hanging toy, for children's crib, baby stroller game fence or bicycle toys, push-pull toys, percussion toys, building blocks and stacking toys, tub toys, play pool and sand heap toys, Trojans, carillon and music balls and merry-go-round, doll box, stuffed, Plush and stuffed animals other styling toys, preschool toys, jigsaw toys, cycling toys, toy dolls and animal toys, automobiles, trucks and other vehicles.Kids Toy

Require complex finger movements or control adjustments to put complex pieces of toys together. Game toys such as game toys that require or contain content beyond A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 range (ie, most basic knowledge) reading ability. A toy that simulates a human form or feature and its associated accessories. Collection series (such as character modelling and vehicle). Ejection toys, launches of vehicles, aircraft and so on. Cosmetic sets with toys. A toy containing a long rope or band. Toys used by children aged 8 and above.Kids Toy

Some chemical devices, fuel-driven model vehicles and rockets. These toys contain potentially harmful chemicals that are generally not allowed to be safely played by children who do not read and understand the warning. It is recommended that the minimum age for any such product should be 8 years old and be used only under adult guardianship.Kids Toy 

For children under three years of age, special attention should be paid to the periodic inspection of the contents such as fasteners (such as screws) are loose, the small parts of plush toys (such as eyes, nose, etc.) are loose, the plastic toy shell has cracked to cause other dangerous production.Kids Toy

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