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Curtains (ornaments)

The curtain is made of cloth, hemp, yarn, aluminum, wood, metal and so on. It has the function of sunshade and heat insulation and adjust the indoor light. The curtain divided according to the material of cotton gauze, polyester cloth, polyester cotton, cotton blended, non-woven fabrics, different material, texture, color and pattern are combined to form the different style of curtains, curtains with different styles of interior design.

The control mode of the curtain is divided into manual and electric. Manual curtain curtain, including: manual manual manual silk bead rolling curtain, curtain, wood blinds, manual manual manual organ curtain curtain, Rome and so on. The electric curtain includes: electric curtain, electric rolling curtain, electric wire soft louver, electric ceiling curtain, electric wood louver, electric Rome curtain, electric organ curtain and so on. With the development of the curtain, it has become an indispensable, functional and decorative interior decoration.