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The Classification And Collocation Of Hat

In pay attention to dress matching today, the hat is also one of the important ornaments that women can not overlook. When you wear a dress, and then put on a vivid, harmonious color of the hat, will give people with bold and unconstrained in a few charming, simple and elegant to add a few gorgeous feeling, thus showing the wearer's demeanor, taste and aesthetic ability.Hat 

The color of the hat should be compatible with the color of the garment, such as with the main color of the garment, it gives a sense of freshness and elegance, as contrasted with the color of the garment, it is very lively and vigorous.Hat

First you should be clear about your own contours. If your head is larger than your body, don't choose a big hat. A small hooded hat can balance the size of your head and body. A small, exquisite lady should choose a hard hat of medium size with brim and cap. A slightly-arched hat makes you look taller, but too high a person can not wear a high cap, otherwise the tall man is more uncoordinated, and the dwarf will appear shorter.Hat

People need hats on many occasions. In foreign countries, pay more attention to the hat, shoes and belts, stockings, scarves, gloves, umbrellas and jewelry, etc. are considered in the fashion accessory components. In this way, both the overall harmony, but also appear noble and elegant.Hat 

The only way to get into an upscale fashion shop is with fashion. So how does the hat match the dress? Hats must be matched with coats, scarves and gloves, skirts and trousers. This refers to the hats and their style, shape, color on the seamless, to cooperate with each other in order to give people a harmonious unity and the enjoyment of the United States.Hat 

Otherwise, it seems nondescript, can not be loved. Hats and fashion match, very exquisite, such as high-grade felt French women hat, with Western-style clothing and coats, this is how romantic and solemn demeanor of the dress! If the French woman hat and cheongsam to match the uncoordinated. Ski caps and suits do not seem to be compatible. In the mass sports and outing and other recreational activities, become indispensable supplies.Hat