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The Pattern Of The Curtains

Home is the soul of the place, is our eternal Haven Bay, and the window is like the eyes of home, is the junction between home and outside, people through it perspective outside the world. If the window is the eyes, then the curtain is to protect the eyes of the eyelids, the two integration into one, need to redouble protection, always love. Curtains can be said to be the soul of a house, often also laying the tone for the whole room. What is the style of the house layout, the design of the curtains,Curtain

Cloth and color, must be coordinated. Therefore, in the curtain before the selection of cloth, must be in the heart to play a bottom, to build what style for the home, style, we have to choose the curtain lining. There are many kinds of curtains, venetian curtains, common straight-down curtains, classical curtains and buckle-ring curtains. Choose different kinds of curtains, will give your home a completely different feeling.Curtain

More dignified, strong ground yellow, dark brown, crimson, indigo and other colors, foil the interior space of the chic feeling. Farewell to monochrome curtains, now the color curtains are also favored by designers and consumers. Like the simple style you can choose stripes or lattice curtains; young people can also choose a large area of impact-rich patterns to highlight the personality, if it is not possible to make a decision, but also like rich and varied colors, you can choose an abstract or dark color contrast patterns to express their emotions.Curtain

Modern Family decoration, curtains and all household items like, its shading, windproof, dust, noise, practicality, has gradually been diluted, people are more concerned about the curtains of color, patterns and other decorative effects. In the selection of curtains and hanging curtains, to move some thoughts, many times can produce unexpected decorative effects. If the window is short, it is not suitable to use horizontal patterns and small patterns, in contrast, the pattern is not suitable for small window curtains, curtains of the pattern should also be correct to avoid twill, otherwise it will cause the illusion of window tilt.Curtain

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